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"Nancy’s paintings take me to that place of timelessness. I can almost feel the sun."


"Rich pastels that capture the tranquil essence of lowlands and beaches."


"Nancy's paintings capture the light and spirit of the coast, but with just a hint of visual tension."


"Nancy's work is just wonderful!! Fresh and lively; she's captured light and movement beautifully. I also like the assortment of themes. I could go on and on!"


"Nancy’s paintings are beautiful and make me want to be in each setting."

“Nancy has an incredible ability to capture the essence of a place – at its core.  Each time we look at one of her pieces, we are transported to our favorite places.”


"The great thing about Nancy's work is that you feel like you are part of the landscape every time you look at one of her paintings."


"Nancy has achieved her goal...those pieces took me away and made me focus on what's good and beautiful in the world!"


"Beautiful, sweeping feel; great colors.  It’s very hard to get depth into landscapes and you did it.   I particularly like the marsh—I’ve seen places like that and always imagined being in a little boat and going through the reeds, getting lost.  All three have the feeling that the viewer is right there in the scene."